The Future with AMCC.

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We are so excited and humbled by what God has done in the four years of relationship with John Kameru, Teacher Nancy Nyondu, and AMCC. This last visit confirmed even more that the staff there are trustworthy, capable, and committed to caring for orphans and at-risk youth in the rural areas of Kenya.

John is committed to the dream of economic self-sustainability, with AMCC being funded almost completely by businesses that it owns and operates within Kenya. It is a great dream not only for the kids at AMCC, but for the Kenyan economy as a whole, as well as the individual members of their local community who will be able to care for themselves and their families by earning an honest and fair wage.

The day of true self-sufficiency for AMCC has not yet arrived, however, and we would like to invite others to get involved with AMCC in a number of different ways. Please read on, and pray about whatever God might have you do. Remember that you alone are not responsible for the needs at AMCC. We are building a community who can, with our different gifts, support these children as a whole.

You can get involved by:

– Writing letters or emails to the kids at AMCC. They enjoy these tremendously.

– Praying for the children and staff at AMCC. Sign up for a weekly prayer email.

– Donating time or expertise to help AMCC: help with writing emails, web-site construction, event-planning, networking…

– Donate money to AMCC to help with regular, monthly costs. Here are a few areas in need of donations:

  1. Staff salaries:$430
  2. School fees: $350
  3. Food: $800
  4. Other costs (rent, medical, administrative costs, etc…): $200

– Going to visit AMCC personally, to get to know the staff and kids, and encourage them relationally.

If you feel excited about getting involved with AMCC, or have any other ideas, let us know!

Email Nick Jackson or Mark Dawson with any questions or ideas.

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  • Ann Dawson -

    August 16, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    Praise God for all he has done at AMCC and will do in the future. Thank you all for being involved!

  • Rev.John Muhika -

    August 24, 2011 at 9:34 am

    It’s great what God is doing at Amcc.We give him the praise and glory for what God can do no man can.Let us all continue in prayer,hope and faith.Thanks to all our partners.

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