Our Services.

Our Services

The vision of AMCC is to encourage and enable HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans and at risk children to transcend abject poverty and lead more fulfilling lives. We dream for our children to achievers, tomorrow’s leaders, and agents of change in their society. AMCC will do this by providing holistic care, seeking to meet and advance the children’s physical, academic, and spiritual needs of each child.



The main purpose of AMCC is to provide Quality Education, Care, and Support services to HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans, at-risk children and their natural foster families.

Children at AMCC receive three meals a day, a sturdy roof over their heads, and loving, culturally appropriate instruction from the adults on AMCC’s all-Kenyan staff. AMCC’s children attend school (paid for by AMCC), work on homework, and do basic chores. They also play soccer, handball, or whatever game is currently fashionable, in the nearby field.

Broadly, AMCC seeks to:

Provide a secure home environment for orphaned and at-risk children where they receive basic necessities, such as: education, food, clothing and health care.

Helping our children to identify and develop their talents.

Teach our children the social skills necessary to thrive in their communities once they leave AMCC.

Reintegrate children with their natural families and assist the families with short term provision of relief materials and vocational training.

Empower orphans and at-risk children by facilitating their acquisition of quality formal education through University or vocational levels.

Create HIV/AIDs awareness through, poems,songs and dramas

Provide home care support for children living with HIV/AIDs

Provide micro enterprise services to widows and widowers living with HIV/AIDS to start small income generating businesses for self sustenance

Advisory, Counseling and referral services

Provide social, pastoral, spiritual counseling and guidance.

The primary source of AMCC’s ethical and moral standards is the Bible as interpreted by the Christian church.



The mission of AMCC is to sponsor HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans and at risk children to achieve quality education all the way through University or vocational-school, and to provide education that cultivates strong character, critical thinking, leadership, and a desire to learn, achieve and succeed.

Accepting all children
AMCC shall never discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, belief, ethical practice, or ability when finding assistance for any child in the world. In addition, this same practice will be applied when working with any group or organization that has an orphaned or at-risk child needing assistance. It is and always will be AMCC’s mission to help EVERY child it can in order to provide them with an opportunity to achieve their dream.

Right now AMCC hosts 35-40 children, but on our waiting list we have four hundred and five (405). If we have resources we can admit all of them.



It is the goal of AMCC to become an economically self-sustaining organization by owning a business which produces income to fund the children’s home.Such a business would also provide jobs to the local community and increase the standard of living in general. To that end, we have started three businesses (most recently, a chicken farm) to fund AMCC. Unfortunately, corruption or calamity has blocked us each time. Still, it is our goal to find a way of producing income that allows us to be free from donors. Until we are self-sustaining, we gratefully accept donations, but we are always looking for an income generating project.

Everything counts
The children of AMCC need as much help as possible. The current and existing problem facing orphaned and at-risk children (the lack of necessities, both physical and emotional) is recognized and will never be forgotten at AMCC. Therefore, the net of cooperation and partnership with AMCC must be cast as wide as possible in order to obtain the greatest amount of support for the children. Therefore, any dollar/shilling of support, or any amount of emotional support or visitation from any person or organization will be equally appreciated and valued.