The main purpose of AMCC is to provide Quality Education, Care, and Support services to HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans, at-risk children and their natural foster families. AMCC aims to empower its children and their families to transcend abject poverty and lead more fulfilling lives.


Children at AMCC receive three meals a day, a sturdy roof over their heads, and loving, culturally appropriate instruction from the adults on AMCC’s all-Kenyan staff. AMCC’s children attend school (paid for by AMCC), work on homework, and do basic chores. They also play soccer, handball, or whatever game is currently fashionable, in the nearby field.


The mission of AMCC is to sponsor HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans and at risk children to achieve quality education all the way through University
or vocational-school, and to provide education that cultivates strong character, critical thinking, leadership, and a desire to learn, achieve and succeed.


It is the goal of AMCC to become an economically self-sustaining organization
by owning a business which produces income to fund the children’s home. Such a business would also provide jobs to the local community and increase the standard of living in general.