Where We Work.

Where we work

AMCC is located in Gatanga, Kenya, a rural community two hours North of Nairobi.Found in the Central Province of Kenya, AMCC is situated in the foothills of the Aberdares Mountains, surrounded by green fields of tea and coffee, most of it grown for export abroad.

Gatanga is a community hard-struck by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. HIV/AIDS is a deadly pandemic occurring in every village in Kenya. It has caused over 3 million children to be orphaned. Over 3 million Kenyans are currently infected with HIV/AIDS, and many millions more are affected. The heaviest burden falls upon children, who lose their mothers, fathers, and other care-takers to this terrible disease.

Most people in Gatanga earn $1 a day as manual laborers in the tea and coffee fields, not enough to support themselves or a family.

John Kameru has a passion for rural communities in Kenya. He understands the special difficulties facing rural communities, such as the fact that they receive less assistance than the urban areas. John grew up in Gatanga. He is helping Gatanga take care of its own children, by running a home for children in the community who have no one to properly care for them.