Public health officer’s notice.

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Dear ah-gah-pay mercy children center-Kenya Partners,
Receive greetings from Amcc kids,staff and the board,in the only name give on earth & in heaven of which every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord-Jesus Christ of Nazareth.We thank God when we pray for you mentioning your names before the throne of God’s grace where we obtain grace to use in time of need.
All of us at AMCC are fine.Kids are doing great with Mr.David the teacher,teaching them and revising together.They are enjoying it and surely we are all in great anxiety to see their great academic performance as they open schools on 5.9.2011.The staff has also implemented an intensive prayer program every day from 08-09 hrs every day before work.We will also implement an evening prayer fellowship for the staff.We are only remaining to agree on which day of the week.
Now, the public health officer visited yesterday 25.08.2011 and gave us a 14 days to do the following things failure to which he will order AMCC to shut down:
1.Repair the leaking roof,
2.Repair the chipped out floor,
3.Paint the building &,
4.Repair the chimney
The 14 days notice from yesterday ends on Wednesday 07.09.2011.This means he can come any day from 08.09.2011 and declare the building unfit for the habitation of children and therefore ordering it’s closure.If this happens it means that AMCC- Children will not have a place to stay but to go to their rural homes,Where they will continue to suffer and may never continue with education.
We tried to talk with the Land/Lady but her response is very discouraging.She said we can only repair on condition that from September 2011,we will start paying kshs.12,000/= because of the much money she will have used to repair the house.
This month we have gone to her to request that they repair the house three times because it has been raining heavily and the house is leaking badly in all room,but our requests seem to be falling on deaf ears.It’s very hurting and disturbing as the kids and staff are spending sleepless nights because of the leaks.The effect being that you will see every one is tired the following day and falling asleep anywhere during the day.This will be very bad for the children when they open schools on 05.09.2011,to sleep in class when the teachers are busy teaching.It will also affect their performance in their academic work.
We have considered moving to the chicken Project as Nick and some other people has been inquiring,but we need our Partnerships approval.What do you think about this? Do we move to the chicken house or do we wait for Amcc to be declared closed by the Public Health Officer? If we will have to move ,then it should be before 04.09.2011.If our Partnerships will approve this we must start the transfer process to St.Augustine Mutundu Secondary and to Mbari ya Ruga Primary School, by Monday 29.08.2011.If we delay to 05.09.2011,We shall have to pay rent for September 2011.
The other thing that we need approval from our Partnerships is to use the money we were paying rent for the next 4 or five months to:
1.Pay for the track to transport AMCC property to chicken house,
2.Dig and construct a pit Latrine (Toilet),
3.Put windows and window panes on the chicken house,
4.Construct a small Kitchen at the chicken house
All of you are our Partners,Please advise us on the way forward.
May the Lord God Almighty bless us all.
Communications officer,

Rev.John K.Muhika

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