Summary of Dawson’s visit 2.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on August 16th, 2011

Some other highlights of our trip were hearing poems recited by the kids. Three of them went to the National competition and finished fourth! We are really proud of them. We also really enjoyed joining the children for praise/worship and prayer time in the mornings and evenings. It is great – very humbling for us and an honor to join in on. Mark says it’s the greatest worship service in the world.

We got to go visit John’s wife and kids who live a few hours away, and we are very happy that she is planning to move much closer to AMCC in January.

John and his wife on left with friends

John is hoping to start a year-long course in business management and administration, and we are in full support of that. It’s really encouraging to see him taking a lot of initiative in raising support. He has an awesome vision for the future of AMCC, and we’re excited to see where God takes us all together!

One downer during our time was that the landlords continue to manipulate AMCC by trying to raise rent and not making any improvements or maintenance. We are especially frustrated that there are funds to make improvements on the chimney and roof, but the landlords won’t approve us fixing anything ourselves. The conditions there have been poor since AMCC moved there, and we are now praying for someone to donate land!!

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