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John and Teacher Nancy receiving a large check from Bidco Oil Refinieries

I spoke with John this morning and he was in high spirits. He had just gone to the doctor yesterday and was told that his heart is doing just fine 75 pbm- praise God! John has lots of ailments, and I’m thankful that his heart isn’t one of them right now (hand, knee, back).
He also told me of the different donations that they had received in the last week! They were given 18 liters of of “cooking fat” (which we would call vegetable oil) by a small, local NGO. Then, a few days later, they were visited by their local Chief Samuel, who gave them 54 liters of

… you guessed it- cooking fat! The sister of the man who sponsored John to go to the leadership conference also recently gave them five pumpkins, and 88 pounds of maize! John says that “we’re giving God the praise” for all of this.

These are some home-grown pumpkins, enjoy kids!

On a related note, John visited with Bidco people again today, who told him that AMCC is on their website (check it out at ). John also spoke with the district coordinator for HIV/AIDS today and was told to go to that person’s office tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. John said “they will have something to tell me” (which implies that something good will come for AMCC from that office).
John also said that Mercy (who is in the post below) is doing well and is not in pain. He told her that prayer for her was requested on the blog, and that there was even a picture of her on the blog. Then he said that she smiled and “she just feels loved” when she heard about it. This is great, and is pleasing to the God that we serve: to make the vulnerable a misfortunate feel loved, because He loves them dearly.
Teacher Nancy left this morning for a three day “holiday” to go visit some family members who live in Western Kenya. She hasn’t seen them in years, but with her new salary she is able to do such things- praise God for this! Will you join me in asking the Father to provide for more money for salaries? We need to hire more staff, and pay our current staff more (they are currently on about half of what they should be paid).
The current cook at AMCC, her name here, has also recently become ill. She went to the clinic yesterday and received medicine. John met with her husband this morning before going to town, and told him that his wife doesn’t need to rush herself or be anxious to come back too soon. He said, “She should rest and take care until she is fully better”, which just reminds me how blessed I am to have John as a partner in caring for orphans.
On a final note, John said that soon he will be sending along some Easter cards that the children made to honor our Savior’s resurrection. He would have sent them today but for a power outage in town (no power= no internet). He said that many of them are nice, and that the children really feel encouraged by doing them. I’m just stoked to show them off!
Have any questions about AMCC? Or advice? Want to go visit them? Email me at: markdawson@amcckenya.org

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