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A wonderful card from Dennis, one of the oldest boys at AMCC.

When I called John today he told me that he was unable to stand outside because it was raining heavily there. This is a bummer because there’s where the good cell phone reception is at AMCC. It is also a bummer because there are multiple leaks at AMCC that have been troubling them since I was there last March.
Thankfully, however, John had good news concerning the leaks! He was able to speak with the landlord herself (not any of the managers) and she agreed to fix the leaks that AMCC has been asking them to fix for the last 9 months. Praise God! John said they are likely to be fixed in the next week.
He also informed me of some unexpected costs for the children’s secondary schooling. Here is a quote from John. “(Counting all), This interpreted means we need kshs.28,100/= ($369.74) which was not counted in the previous budget. We raise questions at the meetings which we were summoned to these schools. But it seemed as if it is only AMCC Which is opposing. All the other guardians and parents were agreeing without raising questions. We were told if we feel we won’t pay then, we are at liberty to withdraw our children. Then, where do we take them. Tia.”
This is a huge frustration to all of us. We paid the fees that these schools told us to pay up front for the whole year. Now they have told us that we must pay more, and if not, then our kids can go to school elsewhere. This, is injustice, and ticks me off incredibly. John has basically no recourse in this circumstance. We are praying that the children will be able to continue to go to school. Please pray with us.
Teacher Nancy returned from her trip to Western Kenya this week and was very energized by her trip. We are also thanking God that the cook, Julia Ndegwa, has gotten better from her sickness. I know that all are glad to have both of these women back working at AMCC.
John wrote to me in thankfulness that they have been given much food thus far this year. However, the food they have now will only take them to April 30th. They are also running out of firewood (their only source of cooking fuel) and fuel for their lamps (which they use so that the children can do homework after dark). Please pray with us for the Lord’s provision for these and many things, and also praise Him for His provision thus far and what is to come!

There were equal drawings for Nick and Maggie and Mark and Karen.

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