Continuing education and Mercy’s hand.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on April 1st, 2010

Mercy is on the right, proudly holding donated toilet tissue.

John has recently been telling me that he wants to be “learning anything that has to do with leadership”. So last weekend John attended a four-day conference put on by Clarence Matheny Leadership Training Institute in Nairobi. He was sponsored to go by a Kenyan friend of his, Ambrose, and now has a certificate for the training he has completed.
Teacher Nancy has also gotten into the spirit of things, and is sponsoring herself to take eight different courses in computers at a local Polytechnic college. She’s using the money from her newly started salary to do this- praise God that she is able! John and she have agreed that she is to leave AMCC for three hours each week day to take the courses, and will be able to do much more for AMCC through the things that she learns in these classes. She’s excited!

When I was at AMCC there two girls in 1st grade, Mercy and Cynthia. Both of them endeared themselves to me in different ways, Cynthia with her strong leadership sense, and Mercy with her shy and tender spirit. Cynthia has since left AMCC of her own choice to stay with extended family, so now Mercy is the youngest girl from when I was there. I guess that’s why I was especially heartbroken to hear that she fractured her elbow last week!
Apparently she was pushed by a boy at school, and when she fell on her elbow something broke. She was taken to the clinic, and then to town to have an x-ray taken. She’s got a cast on her arm now, and is taking pain medication. She has gone for a check up visit and the doctors say that her elbow will be okay- praise God for this! John says that she’s not in pain right now, but I’m still bummed for this beautiful little daughter of our God. I’m not sure how the medical bills for her elbow are being covered, please pray for this as well.

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