Chicken Project Begins!.

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Hi, welcome to the first blog post that someone other than our web-design guru is posting!
Eight days ago John and Teacher Nancy were invited to go on a tour of Bidco Oil’s offices and buildings in Thika. At the end of the tour, they were given, as promised a check from Bidco Oil.
Last Christmas Bidco promised to take up a donation from their employees and to match whatever was given. They said that they wanted this money to go toward starting the Chicken Project. The chicken project will be a small-scale commercial chicken farm, whose profits will go to support AMCC. It will be a self-sustaining enterprise once it is up and running, and we’ve been raising funds for the last eight months for it.
Bidco gave a check worth $2996! That is fantastic and incredible, and we’re “Giving God the praise” as John would say. He will cash the check on Monday and begin moving forward with implementing this project, whose total costs are about $25k.
We appreciate your prayers for God’s blessing upon this program. Our last two small business ventures have ended very badly.

In other news, John said that the pain medication for his knee has finally begun to work. Praise God! His knee is still very injured, but at least not he is not in as much pain.
Nancy has recovered from her Typhoid, thankfully, and John said that in fact, almost ALL of the children at AMCC are in perfect health! He was very excited about this, noting that for the last three years someone has been sick almost all of the time- normally more than one. He was really thankful to the Lord for this. The only girl now who is getting sick is one of the older children, who has recurring boils on her shoulder (ack!). The doctor’s give her medicine, the boil goes away, but then it comes back within a week’s time. Please pray for her.

The chicken house will look something like this.

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