Much Needed School Fees.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on February 4th, 2010
Dear friends and supporters of AMCC,
    Wahoo! The Lord has done an incredible thing! I told John that there was no way that $2050 would be raised in by today unless the Lord did it- and He did!
    On Sunday, between different contributors in three different states, over $2100 was raised for AMCC so that the five entering 9th graders could go to school today. Praise the Lord!
    We still need to raise another $800 to send the remaining students to school by February 10th, and we are looking forward to seeing the Lord do this.
    Just on a personal note, I really do feel that this was a miracle. I’m just completely floored by it. It all happened so quickly, and unannounced, and was just incredible- people doing what they felt the Lord was leading them to do. HE organized it all, because His love for these children is so great.
    Rejoice and spread the news! The Lord will not give up on the widow and the orphan! He has again come through for AMCC!
    Warmest regards,   
P.S. I don’t have any updates about John’s physical condition since the accident. I am hoping to skype with him soon and will send out an update as soon as I am able.