K.C. S. E.-Results !!!!!!.

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Praise God.Christ Jesus is Lord.The Lord has been faithful and he has been our strength and our joy.In him we are and he has taken us this far by his grace.Am fine and am saved.My Family is fine and doing great.All kids at AMCC  are fine and doing great.But Denis is still very ill but under treatment.All Staff are fine but Sr.Ruth is at her rural home where they are orgainizing the funeral of her Sister.

More Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

We have been able to get more K.C.S.E results for the following students:

1:Name:Joseph Ndung’u Ruigu,


Mean Grade:C-



1.101 English D

2.102 Kiswahili C-

3.121 Mathematics D

4.231 Biology C

5.233 Chemistry  C-

6.311 History C-

7.313 Christian R.E. C

8.443 Agriculture B-


2.Name:Waithira Simon Irungu,


Mean Grade:C



1.101 English C-

2.102 Kiswahili C+

3.121 Mathematics C-

4.232 Biology  C

5.233 Chemistry D

6.311 History C+

7.313 Christian R.E. C

8.443 Agriculture B-

3.Name:Karungii Faith Wangari,


Mean Grade: D



1.101 English C-

2.102 Kiswahili D+

3.121 Mathematics E

4.232 Biology  D-

5.233 Chemistry D-

6.311 History D-

7.313 Christian R.E. D

8.443 Agriculture D


4.Name:Karungii Tabitha Wambui,


Mean Grade:C+



1.101 English B-

2.102 Kiswahili C+

3.121 Mathematics C+

4.232 Biology  B

5.233 Chemistry C-

6.311 History C

7.313 Christian R.E. C-

8.443 Agriculture C+

We are sorry that we have not been able to send all results.However,we will send them over immediately we receive them.Once again,we want to thank all who have been donating to support in feeding and educating these children.May God bless you all continuosly.We believe we will continue working together as we take them to the next level.i.e either to a University or to a Vocational training College.I believe together and with the help of God,we will be able.For all things are Posible to God and also to them that believe in God.

God’s Favor be with us all.

In his everlasting Love-Christ Jesus,