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Hello Friends & Partners of AMCC-Kenya,
We send calvary greings to you all in the name of our Lord & Savior Christ Jesus of Nazareth.We thank God for each one of you evry day in our daily prayers as we mention your names before his prayers everyday.We pray that he will continue blesswing you with all Spiritual blessings.
This is a specific letter to each one of AMCC Partners to thank you first for your continued prayer and support both Moral,Financial and in Kind.Amcc Children,Board and Staff are thankful and we all appreciate what you have done to AMCC Kids so far.Thank you and may God continually be on your side and fight your battles in life.
Friends & Partners, as reported earlier in an email on the performance of the 2012 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations (K.C.S.E.) the following students has made up their minds on what else they want to do in life.
1.Joseph Ndung’u Ruigu Has been Volunteering to work at AMCC-K,from when the others requested to be allowed to go to their relatives in on 21.11.2012.You will find him in the Kitchen helping the cook,preparing firewood,Serving food,lighting fire ,feedind goats,searching feeds in the garden for goats,milking,Sekecting grains and much more at no pay.He has expressed a desire to take a course on Project Management at Thika Institute of Technology for 9Months.He had a C- in K.c.s.e.2012.He has said the main reason is os that he can work with AMCC in the future.There is an intake in May 2013.He needs Kes.70,000/= for the 9Months.
2.Valentine Muthoni Chege would like to join a University I USA to take a Degree in Computor Engineering.She had a B- in the K.C.S.E in 2012.Meanwhile as she waits to join the University she has requested whether we can pay a computor course to take the 8 packages of computor.These 8 Computor packages will require Kes.5,500/=.But will require more whel e joining the University.
3.Maureen Njeri Wamukore has decided t o REPEAT FOR FOUR, so that she can repeat K.C.S.E. in Otober and November 2013.She had a C plain in2012,and felt convinced that she can pass with a B+ in K.C.S.E.2013 if given an opportunity to repeat. We sent her to the Principal of Ndunyu Chege Secondary School and she was admitted.She started attending Class on Tuesday this week but we have not Paid her school Fees.She requires Kes.21,300/= Urgently.
We are appealing to all who would be willing to sponsor these 3 students with the required school fees as stated hereabove,to empower them become achievers.This is in agreement with our Vison,Mission and Philosophy as stated here below:
Sponsoring HIV/AIDS infected and affected Orphans & Vulnerable Children to attain quality education to university & to support widows and widowers living with Hiv/Aids.

Transforming HIV/AIDS infected & affected orphans, Vulnerable Children, widows and widowers to become achievers and agents of change in Society.
An educated child is an empowered child & an empowered woman is an empowered society.
When the others will come and tell us what they want to do we will also update you.
Kind regards,
Rev.John K.Muhika ,