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Dear Friends,
We send New Year greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who is able to do whatever we can entrust to Him. We pray that he will lead us all in the ways of righteousness for his name’s sake. May the Lord continue to be our Shepherd and beacon of hope this New Year 2012.
As we start the New Year 2012, the fight against HIV/AIDS will continue and cry to help the victims of HIV/AIDS especially orphans and widows living with this virus must be accelerated.
We take this moment to thank you for your assistance to Ah-Gah-Pay Mercy Children’s Centre –Kenya in the year 2011 and your future support even in 2012. You helped us to meet the challenges of paying school fees for 12 students in secondary schools, 3 in boarding and 9 in day school, feeding the 41 children, paying workers allowances, clearing some debts, moral support and encouragement through emails, short text messages, cell phone calls, donations of clothes e.t.c. whether individually or co-corporately . Thanks.
We are also thanking the following organizations:
1. Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd- Thika – Kenya
2. Bidco peer educators – Thika –Kenya
3. Falvic (Abby) Millers – Nairobi Kenya
4. Ongata Rongai Millers – Nairobi Kenya
5. Carescorp – Nairobi – Kenya
6. Ticket Ministries of University of Nairobi – Kenya
7. County Council of Thika
8. D’C’s Office – Gatanga District
9. Mr & Mrs. John Mutuangu – Water
10. Mrs. Rosemary Wesley – Firewood
11. Bloom Church – Denver
12. Grace World Outreach Church – Enid
13. Vertu Foundation – US
14. Bread of the Bride – US
15. Arts for Africa – Denver
16. Ancient Pathways – Denver
17. The School Funds – US
We also thank our co-workers at AMCC both in Kenya and USA; and the AMCC Board. To you all we pray that, you may have a prosperous and victorious 2012. We love you, we value you and we pray for you. And yes, together we will make the Dreams of these children to shine again in 2012.
Sponsoring HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans and vulnerable children to attain quality education to university and to support widows and widowers living with HIV/AIDS.
Transforming HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans, vulnerable children, widows and widowers to become achievers and agents of change in society.
An educated child is an empowered child and an empowered woman is an empowered society.
May the Lord bless and be with us all in 2012.
In his service – Jesus Christ
Communications officer.