By Posted in - Uncategorized on January 1st, 2012

The awaited Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) Exam results are out. Our pupils who did this exam tried their best but didn’t do as well as we’d hoped. Here are the results of our kids who were in class 8:

1.Intercessor Israel 343 Marks,

2.Charity Wangari 213 marks,

3.David Njoroge 196 marks,
4.Naom Wanjiku 186 marks and;
5. Hannah Njambi 176 marks.

All these are out of 500 marks, but the system is very different from the American system. Very few students ever score over 400, and those who scored under 200 probably will still qualify to attend the local school.

This shows that only Intercessor Israel will be admitted in a good competitive boarding Secondary School. The others can only be admitted in the local day schools. Let us continue to pray for them and all the others.