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What do you think about orphans and vulnerable children? On Friday 29/09/2011,we attended an annual general meeting at Giachuki Secondary school where we sponsor Anne Wanjeri & Naomi  Wanjiru for Secondary education. After the speech of Rev. John, our CEO, some girls came to him and started narrating to him about an orphan kicked out by the good Samaritan who was hosting him and the in same school .Meaning that on holidays he has no where to go but in the streets of Thika town. This Orphan is Sponsored by another organization. We fear that in the streets of Thika he is at risk of starting to take drugs and trafficking the same and drop out of school Today, we visited the sponsor but told us that he has no vacancy in her rooms. We have a bed not occupied at Amcc , but we are striving to feed the kids we already have. How can we help such an orphan ? Can we accommodate this orphan since the sponsor has promised to continue paying his school fees? Can somebody help towards his food?? For now we are trying to trace his relatives.More details will follow next week.

By: Ruth.

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