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The kids are doing well both  spiritually, physically and academically. They are very co-operative with the staffs at the centre, and also with teachers at their respective schools and they usually brings reports back at the centre whenever something happens at school that made them feel happy or bad. Those that attends school at Ndunyu Chege Primary are very happy for taking rice with beans during lunch time at school. They are very happy for taking hot and fresh food because they were used to take cold food, that they were carrying from the centre there before. Those of Gathanji primary school this week reported that they were informed of the remaining days for them to sit for their mock K.C.P.E, which is just one and a half week. So now they are very busy revising all the past seven years work and they need a lot of prayers from all of us that may give them understanding and even memory. Those of St. Basil Secondary School reported that they felt bad for not taking tea during break time as they were used to. But this was agreed by parents/guardians, and the school management boarding a meeting which was held at school earlier this month (September).This is due to the high cost of sugar. They were also unhappy after being informed over death of the founder of the GREEN BELT MOVEMENT,Proffessor Wangari Maathai which occurred Sunday 25,09,2011.


The AMCC student’s performance is recommendable from class four to class eight. There is a great improvement noted since teacher David started teaching them. Especially in composition writing  they have greatly improved and  teacher David is convinced that as time goes on they shall be the best in the school. There is a lot of hard work noted in our class eight pupils and the teacher is always encouraging them to continue. In preparation for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Exam which will start from 7th to 10th November 2011 they requested teacher David to be giving them three compositions a week.

Those of St. Basil Secondary school are also working hard, and in addition to the daily work, they have so far finished writing the notes on the work which was covered at school when we were trying to look for their transfer early this month. Teacher David is also trying to do a summary of the set books for literature with them which they have not done with their English teacher at school. Our objective is to finish one of the books : The River Between before the end of November 2011, and start with another book; An Enemy Of The People which the will have finished by the end of January 2013.The students are very co-operative especially when the teacher is teaching.

For those in boarding school that is- Giachuki  Secondary school, one of their Chemistry teacher had met with teacher David and informed him that they are doing well in school and that the teachers are also happy with them. This is so encouraging to all of the AMCC staff and we are praying God that He may continue to help them to grow in His knowledge and even in their academic work so that the will not be the tail but the first, of which it is possible.


Both the kids and the staff are so much committed to prayers. The kids usually go morning prayers before going to school and the staff holds a powerful prayer and worship meeting every morning at 8.00a.m to 9.00a.m.On Wednesday 28th September 2011 the staff held a prayer meeting which was led by Rev. John –CEO who read the word of God in the book of John chapter 15,17.He talked about partnership, and emphasized on team work and that one cannot overcome or achieve any goal when working independently. He talked also about serving one another as well as the kids, following the example of Jesus Christ when He washed his disciples’ feet.


Due to problems in finances the AMCC are experiencing difficulties in feeding the kids with balanced diet as is supposed to be, but we are trusting God who provides His people with everything that they need to provide the AMCC with. For now the only type of food that kids are taking is githeri, a mixture of corns and beans with cabbages and an alternative of posho meal with cabbages everyday. We thank God for all this that He has provided when we know very well that many people in our nation are starving.


Since the AMCC moved to the chicken house, there has been a lot of work to be done especially because there was no kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, e.t.c .But as days are going the AMCC now has constructed a new kitchen, 2 new pit latrines,2 bathrooms one for ladies and the other for gents, a new door have dug a pit for dirty water and is covered on the top with timber for security purposes, have constructed one office table because the one which we used at Kimata belonged to landlady’s family and so we left it there, we also have tap water which we are buying from Gatanga Water Project. Now that the house was constructed for chickens, it had no windows because the chickens needed good ventilation, so when we moved to the chicken house the need for windows rose up and now they are already constructed. According to the rules from the Public Officer it is not permitted for children to stay in a place which is not painted because dust because dust harmful to ones body health. So we had to paint the inside part of the house including the windows, the new door and the kitchen with cream paint.The place looks very smart and we thank God for that.


Communications officer.

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  • Karen -

    October 5, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    This is a great update on everything that is going on at AMCC! Good job organizing the post, and thank you for such a thorough update. Uncle Mark and I are praising God, and we continue to pray for all of you.

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