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Friends & Partners,
Praise God for his faithfulness which endures forever and ever.
I had come to take Nancy to Thika Level 5 hospital AFTER DEVELOPING ACUTE DIARRHEA with some blood.It took wrong because she had to be tested several things in the laboratory and were referred there by Kirwara Level 4 hospital.
Thieves struck Amcc-k on Monday night at 1.30 a.m.They climbed through the pit latrine but Rev.John heard them.He Wrestled with the man who had already jumped into Amcck AND FOUGHT WITH him praying in tongues,calling Jesus Christ,with Nancy screaming and calling for help.Rev.John fought like a wounded lion.People came for rescue and the man was arrested but the others escaped.After that wrestling Rev.John was nose bleeding and he is feeling very tired but he is saying he is happy that he defended the children & Nancy. He only lost his cellphone.He is limping a little.The nose bleeding has stopped.But nothing was stolen and nobody else was hurt.However,everybody is in a sombre mood and all the kids are still terrified and very scared.Nancy too was very frightened.Rev.John has not replaced his phone.
It’s getting late and now i must go.Please pray with us that the children & Nancy too may stop fearing.I will communicate on Monday with details of everything.
Greet all our US Partners.
Communications Officer
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