AMCC moves to chicken project!.

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Mark, John, Ruth, and some of John's family who now live near all the AMCC kids since they've moved to the chicken project

Mark had a good conversation with John yesterday and got the scoop about their big move!

Background info: The former landlords have been hassling AMCC for years about increasing rent, and they’ve never made much-needed improvements on the roof and kitchen of the old place. A few weeks ago, a government inspector came and told the staff that the roof and smoke had to be dealt with or AMCC would be closed down.

We (US leadership team) were unified with John and the Kenyan staff to leave the current location and move operations to the chicken project since the market for broiler chicks is very bad right now and they would be losing money if they had chickens. So we could save rent and put the building to use until the market recovers. Also, I think it was very gracious of God to prompt this move shortly after thieves broke in because the new location helps everyone forget the trauma of that event.

SO! All the kids and staff are now living at the chicken project! They have dug latrines, built showers and put up room partitions for dorms, church, and school. The kids are all happy to be there, and the roofs are not leaking! Praise God!

In other news, the kids have not yet gone back to school (or actually to their new school that’s closer to the new location) because the primary teachers are on strike. Also, school fees have gone up for secondary students due to inflation and the unavailability of food, so some of our secondary students have been sent home.

The thief who was caught was released a day later because police said there wasn’t sufficient evidence to convict him – that sounds like it was corruption since he was caught red-handed! God will bring justice.

Last but not least, we are working on partnering with to get school sponsorships for our secondary students! Please visit their website to check it out, and -opening soon! – you can look for AMCC as a partner! We’re excited!

God is good! To Him be the glory!

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