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Who is AMCC-K?

Ah-ah-pay Mercy Children’s   Centre – Kenya (AMCC-K) is registered as a C.B.O by the ministry of Gender, sports & youth under the Department of social services. It is a project initiated in 2007 due to the hard stricken socio-economic status of the community as a result of HIV/AIDS pandemic, extreme poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment

Ah-ah-pay Mercy Children’s   Centre – Kenya has been working and operating at Kimata Village of Gathanji sub-location, in Kiria-ini location, Gatanga Division of Gatanga District in Central Province of Kenya .

HIV/AIDS is a deadly pandemic occurring in every District in Kenya .  It is responsible for the death of 1.5 million Kenyans since 1980’s.  These deaths have left behind more than three million orphans.  About 1,000 Kenyans die daily from AIDS.  There is still no straight cure for AIDS; estimates suggest that over 3 million out of 38 million are infected.

Due to prolonged drought in Kenya , poverty and unemployment, the responsibility of providing to the HIV/AIDS infected & affected orphans, at-risk Children & other siblings has become a burden to many guardians/ single parents.  As a result of neglect and such harsh conditions many children opt to go to the streets to beg for food to survive or get into Child labor or prostitution at very tender ages, due to neglect by parents/guardians who are sometimes torn apart in broken relationships resulting from poverty and unemployment. This helps in spreading HIV/AIDS.


Sponsoring HIV/AIDS infected and affected Orphans & Vulnerable Children attain quality education to university Vocational level ,eradicate poverty & to support windows and widowers living with Hiv/Aids.


Transforming HIV/AIDS infected & affected Orphans, Vulnerable Children, widows and widowers to become achievers and agents of change in Society.

What we do.


  • Providing  Food, Health care, Accommodation, Education & basic rights to Orphans & Vulnerable children.
  • Empowering HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans and at risk children by sponsoring them acquire quality education.
  • Transforming the HIV/AIDS affected and infected orphans and at-risk children to become achievers tomorrow’s leaders, pillars of the Nations and Agents of Change in the society.
  • Helping the HIV/AIDS Orphans both infected and affected and at-risk children to identify, develop their talents and utilize them fruitfully to earn a living.
  • Create employment for young professionals in teaching and other relevant fields involved in the day-to-day running of the institutions as a means of eradicating poverty.
  • Creating Hiv/Aids awareness through, poems  ,songs and dramas
  • Provide home care support for children living with Hiv/Aids
  • Providing micro enterprise services to widows & widowers living with Hiv/Aids to start small income generating businesses for self sustenance,
  • Advisory, Counseling  and referral services
  • Provide Social, pastoral / spiritual counseling and guidance.

Monitor the implementation of the project activities



HIV/AIDS is not just a serious threat to our social-economic development; it is a real threat to our very existence.  It has reduced many families to a status of beggars in Kiria-ini location and the entire Gatanga District whereby in Kiria-ini location alone we have about 300 Orphans and many more destitute and vulnerable children.  There is no family in Kiria-ini location and the entire Gatanga District which is left untouched by the sufferings caused by the HIV/AIDS which is increasing rapidly.  Many children whose parents die of HIV/AIDS lack the basic necessities in life.   Traditional extended family structures are overburdened, most vulnerable being the working age which die and leave their families impoverished. It is in this state of depravity that at the Ah-Gah-pay Mercy Children’s Centre -K was initiated by concerned members of the community in cooperation with AMCC-K in a rural village called Kimata in Gathanji Sub-location of Kiria-ini Location of Gatanga division to give hope to these innocent children by providing for them the basic rights among them Education.

5YEARS GOALS 2011-2015

2011 GOALS


Prayer is such an important part of the foundation , Sustainability and growth of Ah-Gah-Pay Mercy  Children’s Centre –CBO, that we as an organization more accountable in daily praying every morning for 45 Minutes and every evening one hour with our children at AMCC-K IN Kimata lifting our Partners, Staff, Families, Board members, Churches, Missionaries Governments ,supporters, every child, guardians, Neighbors, Communities and Nations. This keeps and will continue to keep those involved with Ah-Gah-Pay Mercy Children’s Centre-Kenya either Directly or indirectly informed on Specific Prayer Alerts and needs within our Organization. For the next five years ,it is our desire and goal to implement more focused Prayer initiatives to keep God at the Center of all what we plan to do.

Bench Marks

i) From February 2007 the children were taught to pray, praise, worship, give thanks and to depend on God and trust him for provision of all needs.

ii).February 2007 the board was taught to open every business meeting with a word of prayer and also to pray for AMCC-K, while at their respective homes.

iii) .Create a rotating prayer partner program for all staff, guardians, board, supporters and the children.

iv) .Implement a weekly prayer day with fasting.

v) .Create prayer cells for all guardians, staff ,children and contacts,

iv) .Appoint coordinators of the prayer cells and have one Staff visiting to encourage and teach on prayer at the prayer cells.

v) .Give an allowance to the staff who will be visiting the prayer cells.



i).7TH February 2007 this program was started with 42 kids benefiting who are residents at AMCC-K

ii).Providing a peaceful and comfortable home away from home for these children by continuing to pay house rent.

iii).Continue to provide a balanced diet,

iv).Continue providing holistic Care,

iv).Continue to provide clothes, shoes, uniforms, bed beddings e.t.c.

v).Continue to provide health care,

vi).September 2010,Maureen Njeri was operated and a growth excision from her left hand shoulder

vii).Continue to pay for exam fees, fees for employing teachers for those in primary and School fees for those in Secondary/High schools through this we have been able to pay school fees for 13 students,8 in form two and 2 in form one at St Basil Gathanji Secondary school,2 in form 1 in Giachuki Boarding and one in Kiburia Girls boarding Secondary School and 22 at Gathanji Primary School and 4 at Kagio Primary School.

viii).Pay Secondary School Fees to 3 students who did their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and also those 13 who are continuing,

xv).Write proposals to donors and well wishers requesting for the finances, like we have always



1.From April –November 2010, AMCC-K built a chicken house to rear Broiler chicken as an income Generating project to start the process of AMCC-K becoming self Sustaining instead of depending on donors,

2.On 10.02.2011 the first group of four hundred one day old broiler chicks was brought in,

3.By the 18.02.2011 Chick feeds increase significantly by 20% per bag, this led to loss in terms of profit,

4.0n 20.02.2011 AMCC-K inquired from the proprietor of Ongata Rongai food Complex a Mr. Ambrose Kiragu who is also a member of AMCC-K board on the cost of Manufacturing the feeds. He told us that for every bag of 70Kgs which we buy at Ksh.2,800/=,the profit of the manufacturer is between kshs 400-500/=.

5.On 20.02.2011,Mr.Ambrose Kiragu,  pledged to donate a milling machine to AMCC-K,if we can get a house with three face electricity to install /fix the milling Machine and to train a person to operate it.

6.On 22.02.2011 the group of 327 broiler chicks were sold.

7.On 23.02.2011 Pastor Daniel Kung’u  Chege who is Our Veterinarian, who has specialized on Poultry and Birds promised to show us the Formula for making Chick feeds and others .

8.On 1st.March 2011; 1,000 one day old chicks are coming in,

9.On 14th March 2011 another 1,000 one day old chicks are coming in,

With production of Chicks increasing Amcc-K will make great benefits from Manufacturing it’s own chick food. Amcc-k, will start in a small way for our chicks only but at a later date we will manufacture even for selling to other farmers. To produce commercial chick and animal feeds AMCC-K will require the following;

We shall buy the following:


i). 1 tonne feed mixer  @ Kshs450,000/=

ii) Food mixer with SHP Geared Motor @ Kshs.250,000/=

iii).40 GM Harmer Mill with 30 HP Motor @ Kshs300,000/=

iv)).Weighing Scale (Platform) KSHS.100,000/=,

v).Sack sealing Machine & sacks thread @Kshs.20,000/=

vi). Three face electrical installation @ kshs.100,000/=

SUBTOTAL    Kshs     1,220,000/=


i).Maize jam   24 tonnes @ Kshs 360,000/=

ii).Poland       24 tonnes @ Kshs 360,000/=

iii). Wheat bran 24 tones @ Kshs 240,000/=

iv). White Maize 20 tones @Kshs.460,000/=

v).Omena 4 tones@ Kshs.240,000/=

vi).Cotton 6 tones @ Kshs 240,000/=

vii). Sunflower 6 tones @ Kshs 600,000/=

viii). Assorted Premix @ kshs.100,000/=

Subtotal            Kshs         2.6 M

Total     Kshs  3,820,000

Plus 10% contingencies 382,000/=

Grand total = Kshs 4,202,000/=

Continue praying for this to be successful..


From 06/02/2007- 31/12/2010 Amcc-K has always hired  taxis whenever a serious issue or emergency arises:


i),On 19.05.2007, a taxi was hired to and fro the hospital taking Rev.John after he was involved in  a serious bicycle accident,

ii). Whenever Amcc-K children get sick and especially at night taxis are hired to take them to Hospital,

iii).On 01/05/2010 a taxi was hire to take Rev.John to Hopital after being involved in a motorbike accident

iv).On 02/03/2009, our Friends Mark & Nick, rented a vehicle to bring them to AMCC-K from Naivasha,

v).Whenever we are meeting our friends at the airport or escorting them back, we either hire a taxi or request a friend to allow us to fuel his car for the the said mission.

vi).Whenever Amcc-K Kids are going for a tour we hire a Matatu (taxi)

vii).When we buy food or have to collect a donated food anywhere we hire a matatu or taxi,

viii).When Bidco Oil Refineries invites AMCC-K KiDS AND STAFF TO THEIR ANNUAL Party every year, they always send a bus because we don’t have our own vehicle.

ix).When we collect the one day old chicks at Thika Town we hire a vehicle to take them to AMCC-K,

x).When we buy chick feeds we hire a vehicle to take to AMCC-K,

xi).When going to sell the broiler chicks to Nairobi after they Mature we must hire a taxi.

With the aforesaid and many others a Vehicle for AMCC-K IS NOW A NECCESSITY BUT NOT A LUXURY and it will:

i)Assist in drawin water with drums from the nearby Rivers both for AMCC-K Children Centre and the Broiler chicken projct, because:

a).The prolonged drought has caused water level to be low in the water catchment areas and so there is no water in the dams,

b).Our big children from Class 7-12 are coming home late and a lot of homework and so are unable to pull water at the Vice-Chairman’s borehole,and this is causing inconveniences to their studies which might affect their academic performance.

2.Transporting firewood from where we purchase,

3.Transporting one day old days as we purchase them and when they mature on the 42nd day,wood husks,charchoal,Chick feeds,etc.

4.Taking AMCCK Children to hospital when they get sick especially at night,instead of hiring taxis,

5.Taking AMCCKENYA children for educational tours like Ndakaini Dam ,animal orphanages etc,

6.Make Rev.John Muhika transport easy who is running the two programs with a lot of physical problems among them backache, head ache, neck problems and numbness all as a result of a bicycle accident on 19.05.2007 and a Motorbike accident on 01.05.2010 when working for these projects

N:B To this effect ,we have organized a fundraiser to be held on Saturday o9.o7.2011 strarting 11.00 A.M-14.00 hrs. Continue praying for this event to be successful.We want to raise Kshs.1.4



i).June/July 2009 a survey was carried out by Rev. John and Nick Jackson on the possibility of starting a broiler chicken income generating project to make AMCC-K Self Sustaining especially on the feeding program.

ii). An analysis was done as to the cost of building and raising the chicken and a proposal was written in September 2009.

iii).Between January –March 2010, Donors and well wishers gave donations,

iv).April-November 2010 a chicken house was built measuring 50feet x 25 feet and dedication prayers held on 9.11.2010.

v).a company was sought was to sign an agreement with AMCC-K and Anilita Poultry Farm in Nairobi agreed.

vii).December 2010, the contract will be signed between Amcc-k and Anilitta Poultry Farm of Nairobi and indicates that they can allow Amcc-k to increase the production of the 42 day old chicks and the market for the same on maturity.

viii).Increase broiler chicken production from 1000 chicks to 10,000

ix). Start our own hatcheries and hatch about  100,000 chicks a month.

X).AMCC-K, buys egg incubators

xi).import eggs for hatching and the same certified by Kenya bureau of standards

xii).Employ the services of Pastor Kung’u Chege as our Veterinary officer for advice and treatment of our chicks.

xiii).Eradicate poverty by employing more people to work in the broiler chicken production and at the hatcheries.

Xiv).Improve the economy of the local community and of Kenya,

xv).More children be admitted at Ah-Gah-Pay Mercy Children Centre and also those  in the locality, single mothers, widows and widows will benefit.

Xvi).Amcc-k gets more income, through sales of chicken and manure

xvi).Write proposals to donors and well wishers to fund with the capital to increase Broiler chicken production ,Buy egg incubators ,electricity connection and also the starting capital to import eggs and salaries for workers.

xvii).Amcc-k starts to become self sustaining.

6. Enlarge working Area of Ah-Gah-Pay Mercy Children Centre-Kenya-CBO


i).November 2006,AMCC-K,was started by 15 community members led by Rev. John Muhika, as  community based organization (CBO),to care and support orphans, children at-risk and widows.

ii).December 2006 a constitution was drafted for the CBO.

iii).April 2007,the AMCC-K, board approved the constitution,

August 2007, Application forms were filled and the application forwarded to the Community Development Assistant in Gatanga Division of Thika District in Central province in Kenya who approved it and referred AMCC-K to the Ministry of Gender, children youth and social services (Department of Social Services),who also referred the application to the department of children who approved it and referred us back to the District social officer who also approved.

iv).  4.9.2007 issued with a certificate of Registration but with restrictions to operate only in Kiriaini Location.

V).   April 2007 admitted children from Nakuru in the Rift Valley and Kigumo in Murang’a South District.

vii).  January 2009  admitted a child from the large Kirinyaga District now known as Kirinyaga County.

Viii).  January 2009, AMCC-K started to expand and admitted children from the larger Kiambu Distrct now known as Kiambu county.

ix).Many children outside Kiriaini Location are suffering out there and they desire to be admitted to AMCC-K or given some assistance, which the registration of the CBO can not allow.

x).Draft an NGO constitution in line with the NGO’S Act.

xi).Write a letter and fill application documents for the registration with the Office of the President as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

xii).Pay the registration fee

viii). Get a license to operate and open branches in Kenya and Africa.

ix).Have a registered

x) .Advertise for the vacancies in the NGO giving qualifications required

xi).Call for interviews to all applicants.

xii).Employ qualified staff,

xiii).Eradicate poverty by employing and empowering more people and children,

xiv).More Orphans and at-risk Children in Kenya and Africa starts to benefit




i). Seek where such and good land is available for sale, in Murang’a County, Kirinyaga County or Embu county because the weather in these counties are warm and conducive for hatcheries.

ii). Seek the owner to know whether he can sell the land on a willing buyer willing seller condition.

iii). Fill search forms and pay search fees at the Ministry of land to Certify that the land belongs to the aid seller and that it has not taken any loan loan,

vi).Take to board to see the land and if they agree,

v).Write a proposal to Donors requesting them to fund for the purchase and fencing of the same.

vi). Purchase and fence the land,

vii).Title deed is transferred to the name Ah-Gah-Pay Mercy Children Centre-Kenya and handed over to the board of trustees,

viii). Organize and invite Friends, Guests and Donors to a day of thanksgiving and dedication of the land.

ix). Employ and Pay the services of an architect to draw the architectural drawings.

x). Employ and Pay the services of a Quantity Surveyor to write for us the bill of quantity.

xi). Call a board meeting and also write to all partners requesting to use some money from the Income generating projects to start construction on the land especially toilets.

xii). Write a proposal to donors requesting for funding for the construction .

xiii).Advertise for construction tenders.

ix).Open the tenders.

X).Sign a contract with construction engineers who will win the tender and work starts.

xi).Finish the toilets, dorms ,Kitchen,

xii).Install energy saving Jikos in the kitchen

xiii).Connect with electricity and Water.

xiv).Buy beds and beddings, dinning tables and seats

xv).Organize a thanksgiving and Dedication,

xvi).Invite Donors, friends, guardians and well wishers to the thanksgiving and dedication ceremony.

xvii).Eradicate poverty by employing more people,

xviii).More Orphans and at-risk children continues to be empowered,

xix).These children will not get involved in commercial sex, drug trafficking, child trafficking or child labor and will avoid the risk of HIV/aids infection, early pregnancies and also spreading HIV/aids or going into the streets for survival.

xx).Ah-Gah-Pay Mercy Children Centre-K now own it’s own facilities and the struggle for paying rent stops.


By:Rev.John Kameru Muhika