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Receive greetings from Ah-Gah-pay Mercy Children’s centre -Kenya.We thank God whenever we remember you and make mention of your names before him who know each one of us by our names.We pray that God may give you many more days to witness of doings and goodness.
In an earlier email ,i had told you that the children in form 3- Class 11 at St.Basil Gathanji Secondary School were sent home for set books .i.e books for literature and Fasihi (Fasihi is the literature in Kiswahili).We talked with the Guardians and they borrowed books from friends and relatives and now all are having the said books.This does not always happen.So we praise God for this is another of the many miracles he is performing for AMCC-K.
We held a great workshop code named: Gatanga District Informal Sector workshop on Saturday 12.02.2011.We realized that there is some funds the Government is loaning to the informal sector for self economic grow which will also lead to national economic growth to do business.You are given as an individual or as a group.You are given 6 Months Grace period i.e before you start paying back,Interest is 8% and you pay back in four years.
We told them what we do and they got amazed.We raised the issue of how the one day old chicks has become scarce and how it is hindering our progress.We explained to them that if we could be given a loan we could buy our own machines which can hatch 100,000 eggs per month to rear and also to sell.On inquiring whether AMCC-K QUALIFIES FOR THIS LOAN,the Deputy Director of informal sector in the office of the Deputy Prime Minister Hon.Uhuru Kenyatta who is also in the Ministry of Finance advised us to write a proposal and take it to him and he will allocate the money to AMCC-K.We are in the process of qriting under the advise of Pastor Daniel Kung’u who is our Veterinarian.Let us continue Praying for this.
We also attended another workshop with Tr.Nancy on Thursday 17.02.2011 at Chania tourist Lodge in Thika organized by the World Bank through the National Resource Management.The world Bank id Funding CBOs through grants.We filled their proposal forms and i have delivered to them this morning.We have requested for Kshs.284,000=/ to increase the production of Broiler Chicken.
They will also facilitate for officers from the Ministry of Livestock to come and train all the board members on Poultry rearing for 10 days.
Pray with us that this may also Materialize.
Yesterday Monday 21.02.2011 ,at 6.15 a.m Kenya time,WE SOLD OUR FIRST GROUP OF BROILER CHICKEN,they were a 328 -42 days old birds.They did not grow uniformly and so some 70 chicks were too small to be slaughtered.Also 13 had died.There was an outbreak of o chicken sickness which also affected their growth because they took medicine for 18 days.So although well fed they did not grow to make 1kg.We realised at the Butchery where we were delivering that it was a problem that had affected most of the farmers this season.e.g.On FARMER HAD REARED 3000CHICKS and even after 8 weeks they could not weigh 1kg.We sold the 327 Chicks at Kshs.54,835/=.Then,we sold the heads and legs at Kshs 2,725/= .This was a total of KSHS.56,700/=.However,we are not discouraged because:
1.We have learnt a lot of things on how to rear broiler chicks and how not to rear and now we have the experience,
2.Through the Broiler Chick project now we will be financed to by our own Hatcheries machines,
3.We created job for three workers which made the Deputy Director of Informal Sector feel that we should be financed to buy machines to create more jobs,
4.Now we are sure there is a great local market for Broiler Chicken,
5.We know that all things works together for good to them that love the Lord…
Tomorrow i will post the receipts of expenditure and sales and also the pictures.
On Monday 1st/02/2011,we will bring in 1,000 old day chicks.Pray that they will grow well.
The cost of Chick feeds has gone up in prices by 20% from the time we started the broiler chicken.Manufacturers are saying the price of raw materials has gone up very high.And for sure the bag of maize has gone up from Kshs.1,500/= to kshs.2,000/=.How ever,we believe in God who calls the things that are not there as though they were there.W e believe he is making a way for us.Let us continue to pray for this.
Bro.Ambrose Kiragu has pledged to donate a mixininglling machine AMCC-K to manufacture our own Chick Feeds.Pasture Daniel Kung’u ,who is our Veterinarian has pledged to show us the formular for making the chick feeds, if we will buy our own Raw materials.Brother Ambrose is THE PROPRIETOR of Ongata food Complex in Nairobi and in the business of manufacturing both human and animal feeds.Therefore he will show us where to purchase the raw materials.Bro.Ambrose told me that ,when we buy one bag of chick feeds at Kshs.2,740, the profit of the Manufacturer is minimum Kshs 500/=.
Because there is no three phase electricity at the chicken project, we will rent a shop at Ndunyu Chege Market and fix the machines there.Brother Ambrose will also train the person to work in the Food Manufacturing Department at his own cost.If we are manufacturing our own food we will have greater profits from chick sales.Let us also pray for this.
Our cook Mrs.Joyce Njeri is very sick.Pray for her.Today we sent her to Thika Level 5 hospital for further examinations.Naom Wanjiku of class 8 was cut by an iron sheet and the would is very bad.Intercessor Israel is complaining of head ache and tooth. Dentist said she should be done root canal.My Back,neck & head are still painful and sometimes becoming numb.Let us continue praying for them and that we may all continue to enjoy good health.
It will be held on Saturday  09.07.2011 at AMCC-K Centre from 11.00a.m.-14.00p.m Kenya Time.Let Us continue to pray for this also.We require ksh1.4M.
Above all pray that all the workers and staff and the children to remain united as we fight on.Pray that God may give Rev.John Muhika wisdom as i lead this great Vision.
We would Like our US Partnership that our great Friend Mr.Vincent Ajienga who was very very instrumental in bridging a relationship between Bidco Oil Refineries and AMCC-K,has changed his work from Bidco Oil Refineries to Join the Government.Pray that this relationship may continue and that he may find favor in which ever government Department he will work .He has already resigned from Bidco.I hear as if First he will come to USA.Am requesting our US Partners that if he comes there assist him.
AMCC-K Kids,Board & Staff takes this time to thank all who has been helping us with donations in Cash or kind,visiting us,Praying for us,Mark & Karen Dawson,Nick & Maggie Jackson,Pastor Andrew,Pastor Desi,Pastor Tony,Broom Church,Grace World Outreach,Ancient Pathways,Arts for Africa,Vertur Foundation,Vincent Ajienga,Bro.James Waweru of Bidco,Bidco Oil Refineries,Bidco peer educators and any other whether corporately or individually.
Greet all our friends and Partners.
May God give you a long life full of his Favor and blessings.
Kind regards.
Rev.John Muhika