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On Saturday 08.09.2012. 40 Students and a Staff Member of Excel Institute of Professional Studies visited.They Washed Children’s clothes,Fetched feeds for goats from farm & fed them,washed the dormitories,The Multipurpose hall,swept and cleaned the compound,cooked,donated food.They Donated:
1.180Kgs (Corn) Maize flour,
2.100Kgs rice
3, 40Kgs Wheat flour
4.2 Cartons Biscuits,
5.5Litres of soft drink,
6.10 Kgs green grams,
7.60Kgs Beans
8.Charcoal for Kshs.600/=
9.Meat,tomatoes,onions,irish potatoes,
It was worth Kshs.22,600/=
Brother Ambrose also visited and delivered his monthly donations of 90Kgs of (Corn) Maize flour.
Also Bro.Neto the Alluminae of University of Nairobi and a graduate with a degree on Pharmacy
visited.He came to coach our students in Form four.He also donated 3 text books worth Kshs.1,650/=, Class 8 Boosters.He has also pledged to come coming Sunday to continue coaching form four children on Science subjects i.e.Biology and Chemistry,Tr.David is taking on Mathematics and English while am taking them on History,Christian Religious Education,Agriculture & Kiswahili.
Ruth and Nancy are taking their time with class 8 children and the other classes.Pray with us because now we are overstretched and overtaken by our daily office cores.
In his Love.