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Blessed be the name of the Lord God almighty who gave the best that he could give to redeem our lives and so that we can live according to his will and purpose.If he did not withhold his only begotten Son,there is nothing else that he can not give us.It is out of his love that Christ Jesus died on our behalf of behold now we have eternal life in Christ Jesus.Praise God.
Agnes Njoki our form four child at St.Basil Gathanji Secondary School is still sick.She was diagnized of Peptic Ulcers Disease (PUD).She is still under treatment and taking drugs
Am still becoming numb at times and having pains now and then.Am still looking unto God and trusting him to bring this to and end.The doctors at Pona Medical Hospital in Nairobi are doing great in treating me.I go every two weeks.I take this opportunity to thank the person who has been donating for my Medical bills.I want to apologize that Ruth has not yet sent my receipt for my Medical bills.Am very sorry about this and she will send them latest next week.But please tell whosoever donates for my Medical Bills that we are happy with my Family,we thank him/her and that we are praying for him/her.
There is an Education Crisis caused by the ongoing strike of teachers of all primary,Secondary and schools Public ,Universities in Kenya from Monday 3.9.2012.Therefore all our children are at home except Ah-Gah-Pay nad Valentine both of Kiburia girls.Let us all pray for this.
With the aforesaid we want it noted that the September feeding Budget will increase because:
1. 11 Children who are supposed to take Lunch in their respective schools re taking lunch at AMCC,
2. 3 Children who has been in boarding schools where they are supposed to be feeding on all meals are now taking at AMCC.
We should all pray concerning this issue for God’s Providence of whatever extra feeds is required at this critical time.
God bless you all.