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We thank God for this far he has brought us, not by might nor by power but by his loving kindness which endures for ever and by his Holy Spirit. The kids are well and in good health except Jacqueline Wambui a class seven pupil who is under medication after being diagnosed with arthritis ,and she is taking drugs. This was noted after she was taken to the hospital (Thika Level 5). We ask all of our partners and friends to God with us for her healing.
Our students from St. Basil secondary school, Giachuki secondary school, and Kiburia Girls secondary school have gone back to school today after a three days Mid- term holiday. During the students stay here at the centre, they had been very cooperative, obedient to the staff, and we all enjoyed being together.
The three days that the secondary school students stayed at the centre were of much help in that, they helped in doing different kinds of work. For example, they helped in painting the chicken house, filling a pit out near the toilets with soil. They also transferred firewood from the store, and arranging it under a shelter prepared for keeping fire wood. They also helped in Painting the store and dining hall and so the labor cost for doing so was not incurred.
We thank God for Bidco Oil Refineries who had made a visit to AMCC on Saturday 8th,Octomber 2011,and donated the following:
1. 40 litres cooking oil
2. 50 bars of soap
3. 3.5kgs power boy washing powder.
The children are very happy for all of these donations, and thanked Bidco Oil Refineries representatives for their continued donations. They said that, since these donations started, they have been taking food fried with enough cooking oil. They also said that they are using the power boy washing powder to clean the floor ,which makes it look shiny and smart.
Here are the prayer items that the AMCC kids and staffs are praying for this we:
Children: Pray God for good health, obedience, understanding.
2. Staff: Wisdom, knowledge, love, Unity, Commitment, understanding, honesty, faithfulness , integrity.
3. AMCC Partners: supporters, donors, and friends: God’s blessings, good health ,protection, Provision.
4. Committee Board: God’s blessings, Provision, protection and good health.
5. Food: God to provide a balanced diet.
6. Firewood.
7. Finances to pay : water bill which is Kshs. 10,508/=, buy gas, paraffin, and for repairs and maintenance at AMCC.


1. 195kgs Maize (corns) kshs. 11,005/=
2. 5kgs Onions kshs. 400/=
3. 120kgs Rice kshs.15,750/=
4. 100kgs wheat flour kshs.7,200/=
5. 1 sack charcoal kshs. 1,000/=
6. 7 sweeping blooms kshs.140/=
7. Carrots and Tomatoes kshs.1,050/=
8. Sorghum and millet kshs.490/=
9. 70kgs Green grams kshs.6,490/=
10. 5 Buckets Irish potatoes kshs.2,350/=
11. 360 eggs (12 trays) kshs.3,600/=
12. Fruits kshs.2,000/=
13. Tea leaves kshs.150/=
14. 15 kgs sugar kshs.3,000/=
15. 40 litres milk kshs.1,200/=
16. 10 litres kerosene kshs.1,000/=
17. Kales kshs.3,000/=
18. 60kgs meat kshs.16,800/=
19. 100 pcs loaves of bread kshs.5,000/=
20.18 kgs gas kshs.4,530/=
21. 100kgs Beans kshs7,500/=
Let us all continue in Prayer, Hope and faith.
Thank you all for your continued support now and in the future.
By: Ruth,
Communications officer,

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