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The kids are doing well spiritually, physically and academically. Those in primary school, class 4-7 started their mid-term exam on Tuesday 18th Octomber 2011, class 8 also started their K.C.P.E (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) mock on the same day. On the same day our students in St. Basil secondary school started their mid-term exam, and we are expecting them to perform well. Let us continue praying for them as they continue to learn.

Through out this week, Rev. John (CEO) has been teaching on the principles of partnership, in the staff’s prayer meetings every morning. Below are some of the teachings:
The news about suffering, death and resurrection troubled the disciples but Jesus was there to encourage them (14: 1-5)
As a partner you need:
(a) To be sensitive to other people’s feelings.
(b) To be sensitive to other people’s disappointments.
(c) To be sensitive to their needs.
Moses was encouraged by two people while interceding for the soldiers (Exodus 17).They held his
Hands up which resulted in victory.
Verses 2,8,16 talk about fruit bearing.
(a) SYNERGY. The combined effect of two or more things, or process that exceeds the sum of their individual effect.
(b) Partnership brings a higher level of productivity. (Ecclesiastes 4:9,11,12).
(c) Deuteronomy 32:30 one will chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousands (Leviticus 26:8)
(d) The church needs to move from addition to multiplication.
(3) PROTECTION (John 15)
(a) Partnership brings protection (verse 1) .The word offended used here means to stumble, or get into the devil’s trap.
(b) Illustration: A bird’s snare trap.
(c) You can only eat a banana that has been separated from the stock. Believers are required to stay in fellowship or they have no protection.
(d) There is nothing like independent church or independent believer.
(4) PRAYER (John 17)
(a) In John 17 Jesus intercedes for his disciples (Verses 9-27)
(b) The amount of prayer cover determines the amount of cover one has. The disciples were kept by the Intercession of Jesus.
(c) We should not just be going for meetings but rather to fellowships.
This has been of great help to all of us (AMCC staff) for it encourages working as a team. We are enjoying these teachings and benefiting so much as we continue to work and serve in AMCC. There is great and positive effect in team work. Let us all continue in prayer, hope and faith in God.
Sr. Ruth
Communications Officer

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