feeding time table.

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Days Breakfast Lunch Supper
Monday Porridge & Egg Chapati/Green Grams/Irish Potatoes Mixture of Maize (corn) & beans/Irish Potatoes
Tuesday Porridge Mixture of Maize (corn) & beans/Irish Potatoes Posho Meal/Kales stew & a fruit
Wednesday Porridge Posho Meal/Kales stew Mixture of Maize (corn) & beans/Cabbages & Meat
Thursday Porridge & Egg Mixture of Maize (corn) & beans/Cabbages Rice/Green grams & Irish Potatoes stew
Friday Porridge Rice/Green grams & Irish Potatoes stew Mixture of Maize (corn) & beans/Kales & a fruit
Saturday Tea & Bread & Egg Mixture of Maize (corn) & beans/Kales Posho Meal/Cabbages stew
Sunday Tea & Bread Posho Meal/Cabbages stew Chapati/Green Grams/Irish Potatoes& Meat

N:B. This feeding time table is a requirement from the Department of Children, which is mandatory if any charitable organization will be allowed to continue operating. Let us continue in Prayer that God will enable us to meet this demand.

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