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Dear Friends,

Once again  we are happy for your continued support now and in the future either morally, financially, in kind or in prayers. We pray that  God’s peace and joy will be multiplied  to you all in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

On 09.07.2011 ,we held a fund raiser FROM 12.00-4.00P.m,at AMCC-K at the Children’s Centre Kimata , Gatanga District of Murang’a County in Kenya purposed to use the money to buy a vehicle for AMCC-K.

We thank God because we managed to raise Kshs.100,000/= in cash and kshs.35,000/= in Pledges. Compared to the famine and drought across Kenya this was a great success. Also copared to another we had held on 26.4.2009,this is a great story to tell and a break through  because the one for 2009 we raised kshs.26,000/= only. We hope and pray that those who pledged will honor their pledges and pay. Thanks to all who donated and also prayed for the event to be a success.

How ever, the money is too little to buy a vehicle. The Pick up vehicle that we desired was a second hand Toyota Hilux 2.4D.At the time of Planning the fund raiser in February 2011,it was selling at kshs.600,000/= and a comprehensive insurance cover of kshs.100,000/= i.e.a total of Kshs.700,000/=.But because of the inflation which has caused everything in Kenya to hike in price it is now selling at kshs.800,000/= and a comprehensive insurance cover of kshs.100,000/=. Therefore the total was kshs.900,000/=.

Buy a Donkey & a handcart!!

Some body has suggested that we buy a donkey and a handcart instead of the Vehicle. What do you think about this???

Purpose for a Vehicle at AMCC-K.

1.Help in Drawing water instead of the Children,

2.Trnasport firewood instead of Children,

3.Take children to hospital especially if they get sick at night instead of hiring a tax, 4.Take children for Educational tours instead of hiring Matatus,

5.Transport food from market to amcc-k instead of Matatus,

6.Commute to places distant or nearby because of:

(i).Demanding Schedules,

(ii).Time spent for travel is wasted & it could have been used in other important things. i.e to redeem time.

( iii).Lifestyle that includes multi-tasking has put a demand  on us to be at certain places soonest possible especially when a child gets sick,

7).The Director works while sick and travels mostly on hired motor bikes despite having a lot of physical complications.

Surely, can a donkey serve these purposes?

Let us all continue in prayer and hope, for all things are possible to them that believe in God. God bless us all.

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