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Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.We are praising him for his goodness and mercy which endures forever.
I write to give an update of the chicken project.We have arranged the project in Phases.We are already in Phase 2 and three going together.The pictures show different activities within the project.
Amcc-k,brought in the first phase of 400 old day chicks on     and spent the following :
Purchase:We purchased each chick at kshs 65/= x400/= = kshs 26,000/=
Feeds kshs.46,280
Transport kshs.7,620
Lunch  & Breakfast kshs.645
Kerosine Kshs. 3536
Charcoal Kshs. 2,000
Wood husks kshs.2100
Medicine Kshs 4,660
Clinical Charges kshs 4000/=
Feeders and Drinkers kshs.16,964
City council cess      kshs.2000/=
Slaughtering             kshs.1625/=
Labour                    kshs.24,000/=
Water bills               kshs 2,250/=
Postmortem             kshs   500/=
Bondabonda (Motor bike)- 4,000/=
Total   expenditure KSHS.147,180/=
But given that  Drinkers and Feeders are not consumables i.e they will continue to be used by others we can say the expenditure is Kshs 147,180/= -16,964= KSHS.130,216/=.

We sold 327  mature (42 day old ) chicks at aproximately Kshs.57,000/=
70 Chicks were too small to be sold.i.e they did not grow evenly.Some were very small from hatchery depending on the size of egg.The other factor is that there was an outbreak of a chicks disease and they took medicine for 18 days.This medicine affected both their growth and their weight.After 42 days the heaviest was weighing about 900 grams instead of 1.4-1.5 kgs.
We did not make any profit but a great loss of Kshs.130,216/= -57,000/= =KSHS 73,216/=
There are some factors that contributed to the great loss:
1.The outbreak of the disease which made us to incur extra  costs us in Clinical services & drugs,
2.Taking too much drugs for 18 days affected their weight and growth
3.The company did not deliver the number of chicks ordered i.e.1,000 day old chicks.
4.400 chicks were also too little for three workers i.e it made us to incur loss in labor costs kshs24,000/= because the company tricked us to date.
5.Immediately we purchased the day old chicks,cost of chick feeds increased by kshs.400 but the sales of chick meat when mature remained the same.
Despite the Loss we did not and we will not give up.We were not discouraged but emerged stronger than when we started.We were not strong enough before we began.In the process God has made us very strong.We were in a learning process.We have learnt on how to rear the broiler chicks and how not to.
Many other things happened in the process:
1.National resource management which has a program with world bank visited the project and encouraged us.They gave us forms to request a grant from them and we requested Kshs.284,000/=
2.Also the Kenya government visited and advised me to write proposal to request a grant for a 100,000 DAY OLD Hatchery and i have done it under the assistance of our Veterinarian Pastor Daniel Kung’u worthy kshs.5.83 M,you can view it on AMCC-K Blog.
3.We learn under the help and guidance of our Veterinarian Pastor Daniel Kung’u, and Mr.Ambrose Kiragu the Proprietor of Ongata Food Complex how to Manufacture our own chick feeds.This is also making us to safe a lot of money,minimum Kshs.600 per 70kgs bag.Already our Phase two and three chicks are feeding on our own chick feeds.
4.Mr.Ambrose Kiragu donated a feeds mixture machine.
5.We have also suspended one of the workers Mrs.Violet Wangui to worker with two people for now.
We are looking forward to great things happening through AMCC-K.
Let us continue in prayer and hope.
Phase two.
Our Phase two chicks are 2 weeks old Today Tuesday 23.03.2011.They are 990 and are feeding on our own manufactured chick feeds.They are strong and healthy.Anne Wamukore is working wit this.
Phase three
Our phase three chicks are 8 days old today Tuesday.They are also feeding on our own chick feeds and we are very happy with this.Miss Ruth C.K.Mwangi is working on this.
Let us continue to pray and to hope in God who started the good work of faith,and he will establish it to the glory of His name.
I know God is going to surprise many who thought we were done!!!

Thanks to all who donated and has continued to donate towards this Broiler Chicken project.Also those who have been praying for us and with us,calling us and visiting us,and i can not forget our very committed staff both at the chicken project and the children’s centre,thank you all and may God bless you.
Pray that we may remain united,committed and focused on the purpose.
I apologize for sending this report late.

I Love you all.