Happy New Year!.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on January 6th, 2011

A new year is here and it brings many new opportunities for AMCC. After three months of waiting for the chickens to be delivered by Annalita Poultry we have decided to go with a different company. Annalita has let us down multiple times now, saying that they will deliver the chicks and failing to deliver since the middle of October. Because of this we are going to try to sell the chickens on our own. Lord willing the first 500 will be delivered on Friday, January 7th.
The Kenyan school year has begun! The children took their final exams last December and all got higher scores than in their previous years. This is great and we’re thankful for the children’s hard work and the support that many have given to allow them this opportunity.
A new school year also brings new school fees. AMCC wants to send the same 43 kids to school this year, sixteen of them in high school. Since public education in Kenya is not free and AMCC is not yet self-sustaining financially we are praying for people to donate money to help these children go to school for the year. I have seen God move in great ways for the last three years and I am excited to see how He moves this time! Our need is approximately $4,300. The school year has already started and many of the kids are unable to attend until their fees are paid. If you would like to contribute then email Nick Jackson (n_jackson333@hotmail.com) or Mark Dawson (markjadawson@gmail.com) for more information.
In summary, please join us in praying for:
– The health of the chicks and the success of the chicken project!
– A good buying price when we sell the chicks in 6-8 weeks.
– God to “sell some of his cows” and send the money to AMCC for school fees.

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