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Praise God.We thank whose mercies are renewed every morning.AMCC-K ids and staff greets you all this new day and hope that all is well with you all.May the light of Christ continue to shine on you.

On Saturday 24.07.2010 was a visiting day at AMCC-K.Many guardians and relatives of Amcc kids came.We had a good fellowship and the word of God was deliverd by,Rev.Daivd Githeru of the Anglican Church of Kenya.The theme was on the Fear of the Lord.

The kids presented a good song title:Am the begging and the End says the Lord.Then we had lunch together and the kids and the guardians were all happy to see each other.

We organised that the guards will start prayer cells to be meeting to pray for Amcc.

On this visiting day we had three Reverends visting all to encourage us.We had Rev.David-Anglican Church,Rev.James-Emmanuel Pentecostal Church and Rev.Francis of Afican Indeoendent Church of Africa.

2 of the 3 preachers with Uncle Nick and Aunt Maggie

The guardians brough various items,Pinneaples,breads,tomatoes,sugarcane,milk.etc.We give God the praise for all these.The kids enjoyed feeding on these things .We got encourage to see the guardians to Anne Wanjeri and Naom Wanjiru who are in boarding schools but they felt good to come and visit with the others..

Thank you for your continued support financially and with prayers.

Than you Mark & Karen Dawson,Nick & Maggie Jackson,Broom Church,Ancient Pathways Church,Grace world outreach Church,Desi Starr,Tonny of Bread for the Bride, and all who has been supporting AMCC-K kids,paying salaries,Rent,Donating for chicken project etc.God bless you and continue to be with you.

Rev.John Muhika

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