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Praise be to God the Father of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus who died on the cross to carry the sins of all men. We are happy as we rest under the sheltering hands of Him whose mercies endures forever. He is worthy our .
The children are fine and also the staff and the board.
We are grateful to God who made it possible to bring the Mission Team from US to AMCC which consisted of:
Nick Jackson,, Bruce Jackson, Maggie Jackson, Terry, Lisa & Kelvin Talley came visiting AMCC. Dad Bruce, Uncle Nick, aunt Maggie & Aunt Terry arrived at AMCC ON Sunday 21.07.2013 at noon while Dad Kelvin & mum Lisa arrived on Wednesday 24.07.2013 at 4.00pm. Dad Kelvin, Mum Lisa, Aunt Maggie & Aunt Terry later left AMCC on Friday26.07.2013, followed by Dad Bruce & Uncle Nick who left on 13.08.2013.They were all a blessing to us and we were happy to be with them here at AMCC.
The following projects:
1.Bought and put gravel (ballast) all over including the drive way almost to the tarmac road, using shavel,and employed some young men to help.
2. Paid for building Account’s office, computer lab & the Ceo’s office, using bought timber and 3ply wood.
3. They equipped these offices with 2 laptops & a big computer, printer, photocopier & scanner.
4. They purchased a refrigerator.
– An energy saving power (jiko).
-Timber and paid for the building of shelves in kitchen, ladies rooms & Rev. John’s room.
– Utensils like: 4pcs thermos each 3.2 ltrs 1 pc 1.9 litres.
– 70 ltres saucepan and a lid.
5. Purchased tool box of tools.
6. Purchased sledge hammer.
– martoc.
7. Purchased 6 plates, 6 cups, 5 knives, 4 serving spoons, 20 table spoons 10 kitchen folks, 3 big hot dishes, 3 winnowing trays, 2 plastic trays for keeping utensils, 2 small towels for wiping utensils, 3 sweeping blooms, 3 plastic blooms, 2 plastic jags, 1 saucepan lid, 2 big carrot craters.
8. Paid for wiring in the offices.
9. Purchased 1 wheel barrow wheel, 1 wheel barrow, 3 hammers, Nylon rope for drying lines, a metal
Rail for stairs and front side of up storrey.
10. Paid for wiring.
11. purchased a First Aid Kit: 2 Thermometers, Anti- Biotics, Cough syrup, Bandages, antibacterial hand wipes, cotton wool, disinfectants.
12. Tool box with tools: 2 pcs pliers, 2 pcs spanners, 3 Nail harmers, Spanners, Tape Measure, 6 Screw Drivers, 2 wooden saws, 2 pcs Dop Takers e.t.c.
13. Purchased 2 paint rollers, 2 Spades,
14. Build place to put all water tanks.
15. Extended water pipe & tap to the kitchen.
16. Refixing water gutters.
17. Fixing leaks on the roof.
18. Fixing nails in bathrooms, kitchen, ladies rooms e.t.c.
19. Moving ballast (Gravel) with wheel barrows.
20. Spreading ballast (Gravel) outside A.M.C.C the drive way.
21. Purchased different types of food spices.
22. Purchased 110 ft 2’’ horse pipes.
– 4 inches plastic pipes for harvesting rainwater.
-6 inches 20 ft waste plastic pipe.
23. Worked
– Moved & rebuilt goat’s pen.
– Build stairs near the kitchen.
24. Vehicle Repair
-They donated kshs. 20,000/= (Mr. Bruce Jackson) for the repair of AMCC vehicle by purchasing:
1. Head lamps – kshs.12, 000/=
2. Lid Wire Spark plugs – kshs.3, 400/=
3. Plugs – kshs.2, 000/=
4. Back Light Switch kshs.800/=
5. Bulb – 200/=
6. Fuel filter – kshs. 500/=
7. Rivets & bulbs& fitting – kshs. 500/=
8. Alternater Belt – kshs. 300/=
9. Boot rubber – kshs. 200/=
10. 2 Tie Laps – kshs. 40/=
11. 1 Bolt – 20/=
12. 3 Wheels for AMCC Car- ksh.15,600/=

Total for vehicle repair – Kshs. 35,560.00
Mr. Bruce Jackson pledged to pay AMCC electricity Bills for 3 years.
We thank God for what He did through them. May He bless them. God be with you and keep you all
In Him. May He overshadow you with His blessings. Greet all of our US friends and partnership.
In His service – Christ Jesus,