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Tomorrow we are celebrating our 6th anniversary.We are giving God all the Praise because this far he has been our Ebenezar. 6 years down the line we have seen God’s faithfulness.Both the Kids,Staff and the Board,We have learnt to trust God and to fully depend on his provision.Some times we have waited soo long but by the end of it all God’s hand is revealed.Six years down the line,we have seen our children grow in knowing God, academically and physically.Sixyears down the line God the almighty has connected us with friends of good will and Partners who has meant a lot to us,some in Kenya and outside Kenya.Six years down the line Jehovah God has taught our hands to fight.Six years down the line by God’s grace we have fought the good battle of Faith and won.Six years down the line we have seen God enabling us to rehabilitate some youth  and now are useful people in the Society.Six years down the Line Rev.John has cried to the almighty God pouring out his heart’s desire to see Orphans and at-risk children who had no hope,smiling, laughing,playing,eating,having a shelter and gaining confidence that there is hope.Six years down the line we have watched our kids worship and praise God from the depths of their hearts.Ooh yeas,six years down the line Rev.John has gone through severe back,neck and head pains as a result of a Bicycle accident while riding to check a child at Kirwara hospital in 2007  but we thank God that somebody Volunteered to be paying his hospital bills.Wow!!! it has been along journey but We have seen the help of God.Ooh Come and let us  Adore ,praise and worship the Lord together for his doings and great wonders which he has done for AMCC for the last six years.Providing school fees,food,house rent,missionaries to visit us,allowances,helping us Partner with Bidco oil Refineries in Thika Kenya,Ongata Food Complex,Broom Church in Denver,Grace world outreach in Enid Oklahoma,Vertu Foundation,Arts for Africa,Mark Dawson’s family,Nick Jackson’s Family,The school fund,County Council of Thika,City Revival Temple,Erin Marriete,Barbra,Rachel Stamps,Allyssa Wyss,Designed 4, Micah & Besty Deckorne, Rehoboth Children Home in Kangema,Peninah Rinya, Carescorp, Terefic Martin Pastor Wainaina’ Family,Madam Linet’s Family, Family Intercessors Ministry ,Bread for the Bride,Tket Family of the University of Nairobi,Excell Institute of Professionals in Thika town,to mention but a few. Glory be to Jehovah God,who is almighty,the Lord of Lords and the God of gods.Praise ye the Lord of Host. Amen.