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Rev. John’s Health: Rev. John has been sick since 19 May 2007 when he experienced a road accident. Sometimes he has headache, back ache, neck ache and other times he becomes nub. Even though he is under treatment, he needs God’s total deliverance. When he is in Pain, all children here are so much affected Pray God for him and the staff too..
-Pray with us that God may bless all our Partners in this Christmas holiday,
-Pray that God may keep our kids strong in faith and  and to enjoy life in this Christmas holiday outside the daily school set up,
-Pray that God may give the staff new strength to continue to the end and be refreshed in the new year.
-Pray for new Partnerships especially with City Revival Temple-in Nairobi, they are in the process of discussing on how to be Partners with Amcc.
-Pray for much more as the Holy Spirit may lead you.
God bless you.