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AMCC kids, staff and the board sends Calvary greetings. We thank our heavenly Father this evening for His loving kindness that He has shown upon us. He showed

us his love in that He gave out His only Son to die on the cross, to pay the penalty of our sins. We ought to give Him all the praise.

We are all fine. The kids are fine except Agnes Njoki one of our form 4 student wh…
o is not feeling well and is having some pain. Let us pray God for her healing that she may enjoy good health even at this sensitive time of doing her final exam. The staff and the board are also fine.

Our 9 children who are doing Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) are progressing on with the exam. Yesterday they did Mathematics paper 1 as their 5th paper and today they did Kiswahili paper and paper 2 being the 6th paper of the exam and we give God all the praise and we are trusting Him that they will pass. Let us pray God for them that He may continue to give them understanding and memory to understand and to remember that which they have learnt.Ruth