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AMCC kids, staff and the board sends Calvary greetings. We are very grateful to our heavenly Father who loves  us with an ever lasting love. He showed  His love by giving out His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us to pay the penalty for our sins. We out to give Him all praise.

The A.M.C.C kids are fine. The staff and the board are also fine.
Our 2 children in form 3 at Kiunyu Girls Secondary School are here with us at AMCC due to student’s strike. They reported back here yesterday (Sunday 04.11.2012) at The school principal acted wisely by releasing all the students to their homes after realizing that the students who were involved in the strike wanted to damage the school. The students will be at home until Monday 12th.11.2012.But we thank God that our children were not involved in the strike. We will continue informing you in case of any change or anything else. Let us pray God that this will not continue for long for the better learning of our children.
Let us continue in prayer, faith and hope.
In his service- Jesus Christ