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Glory be to God in the Highest!
Our 9 students who were doing their form 4 national Exam,i.e. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination finished it on Thursday 22.11.2012.
We are happy anr thanking God together with them.It has been a tough time for them to be with us at AMCC all through their Secondary education.It has not been by might no by power but by the grace of God.We take this good time to Thank God and all those who has supported us whether in kind or cash or moral or prayers.May God bless and be with you.May Jehovah Jireh be with you and meet you at your hour of need.
Let us all continue to thank God for the next level.We desire that first they take computer and driving courses as we wait for the outcome of the K.C.S.E. We will keep you updated.