THEY ARE DOING IT!! thank you!.

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Wow!!At 0900 hrs in Kenya ,over 400,000 students who are doing the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education -K.C.S.E. Sat for their English paper Examination. Our 8 students at St.Basil Gathanji and Valentine in Kiburia girls Secondary Schools also did their Papers.Thanks to all who has been supporting them including AMCC Leadership in the States,The School Fund,Bloom Church,Grace world outreach,Arts for Africa,Vertu Foundation among others all in USA.We can not forget Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd in Thika Kenya,Ongata Millers,Abey Millers both in Nairobi, Our dedicated Principal in St.Basil Gathanji and Kiburia girls and their teaching and non-teaching staff,Kenya Government,Hon.Peter Kenneth,County Council of Thika ,Local Community,Tket Family of the University of Nairobi,bro. Neto an alumnae of the University of Nairobi,Excel Institute Thika, Cllr Paul,our Patron Mr.John,Bidco oil refineries peer educators group,Nancy, our dedicated Team of staff at AMCC Kenya-Gatanga & the Muhika’s Family &Rev.John and may all the glory be to God.Ruth

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    October 26, 2012 at 4:20 am

    This is great.May God grant them success.Our God is able.Lord God almighty i bless your holy name.May God be glorified.Amen.