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On Saturday 20th October 2012, Bro. Mark a student from an evangelistic wing of University of Nairobi Main campus (Thika Kiambu Evangelist Team -TKET) made a surprise as he visited Amcc at 5.00pm and spent the night with us here at AMCC. This was very encouraging as he interacted with our children and especially encouraging the class 8 pupils and the form 4 students who are about to sit for their national exams i.e.Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. On Sunday he Worshipped with us at the Sunday service and ministered the word of God. He taught about Jesus being the good shepherd. This was great and encouraging.
On the same day (Sunday) Bro Netto visited at 12.00pm and met us while we were at the Sunday service and we fellowshipped together. After we took lunch together he took time to train the children and staff practically on how to make liquid soap. We now have in store 1jerrican of 20 litres of liquid soap ready for use of which we prepared here at AMCC on that day. It is great that now we can make soap on our own as long as we have the necessary requirements. We give God all the praise for all these things. May God bless them.