What are you designed4??.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on August 27th, 2012

On 10th.08.2012 amcc children &staff were more than happy to receive Uncle Micah & Auntie Besty DeKorne of the what are you designed4, at Ah-Gah Pay Mercy Children Centre.The 10 days that they stayed at Amcc were moments of joy & happiness.The visitors had good time interacting with the children and staff and learning about a different culture than their own i.e the children taught them the basic kiswahili words and they really enjoyed it. On the parting day it was the opposite of the arrival day since the children & the staff could not believe it that they were leaving.The faces were dull and very sad,with some kids shedding real tears but there was nothing else to be done except to accept the reality.God bless the DeKorne’s.We love and miss you the DeKorne’s.