Easter Visit and Donations!.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on April 24th, 2012

This is great!! On Easter Monday 9.04.2012 Giachuki Secondary School visited AMCC.They were more than 35 students and 6 staff-members.They cooked lunch and supper for AMCC children and staff from the gifts they donated that day.We all rejoiced as we feasted together and interacted one with another.

On their visit they donated the following:
French beans,cabbages,potatoes,tomatoes Onions Carrots 8kgs rice, 30kgs wheat flour,3kgs cooking fat,5 litres milk,175 pieces of toilet papers.48 bars of laundry soap,92 pieces of bathing soap,5.5 kgs of powdered soap, 750 gms of Vaseline lotion,600 mls of Zoe lotion,70 mls of Topex breach (Jik),232 gms of shoe polish,792 gms tooth paste,24 packets of Sanitary towels,4 Pencils,20gms cocoa,190 gms drinking chocolate,2kgs maize (Corn) flour,2kg beans, 630 pcs short cakes biscuits,2 pieces of sugar cane,7 big green bananas, 1 bucket of charcoal,2 packets ksl sweets,1 packet of chewing gum,2kgs sugar and assorted clothes.

We thank God for Bidco Oil Refineries who have continued to donate their monthly donations to AMCC. On Thursday 5th.04.2012 they delivered their monthly donations through their communications officer Madam Valentine. They donated:
1. 40 Litres of cooking oil
2. 50 bars of soap (white star)
3. 3.5kg powder soap (power boy)

On Wednesday 18th.04.2012, Family Intercessors Ministry – Kahawa West Prayer Cell visited AMCC (these were7 women and 4 children).
We all had a good fellowship – prayed, praised and worshipped God together. We also dined together as a family, and everybody was happy and rejoiced.
On their visit they donated the following:
1. 320 pcs of biscuits( shortcakes)
2. 2kg maize(corn) flour
3. Assorted clothes
4. KSH.1,450/=
We thank God for this.Let us continue in Prayer,Faith & Hope.