Christmas Need.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on December 20th, 2011

Dear AMCC Supporters,
We are sending our love and greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who changes not neither does he have a shadow that turns. Amcc kids,staff and board are fine and resting under his Sheltering hands-Jesus Christ. Only Agnes,Jackline and Mercy who are sick but under treatment. Ruth has been very sick for the last one week now but am under treatment and thankful to God for this.
We have been buying food on credit even in November. With Favic Millers which was donating Maize (Corn) flour to Amcc out of Business due to lack of raw materials and with continued inflation AMCC debt went up to kshs.128,142/=. We have been sending proposals to different organizations seeking for help here in Kenya none has responded either positively or Negatively. John has started to get troubled over these debts because our Creditor has told us to pay before 30.12.2011 and we still owe them the September and October debts of kshs.136,800/=. So,by the end of November our debt was kshs.264,932/=. ($3,192)
We still believe that our God has 1000 cows on the mountains. My prayer is that God may sell some of these Cows to give AMCC money to not only pay the debts but also to make Amcc stay and continue without debts.
In total, the debt is $3,192 and rising.

Pray with us.