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On Saturday 24th/12/2011 we received 8 Indian visitors at AMCC (3 men, 3 ladies and 2 children) who works at Bidco Oil Refineries who just made a surprise to us in that they had not informed us earlier of their coming but called when they were on their way coming. On their visit they donated the following to AMCC:
1. 4kgs__Greengrams
2. 4kgs__Bean
3. 3kgs__Salt
4. 12 bars of soap
5. 10kgs cooking fat (mallo)
6. 17 kgs cooking fat (chipsy)
7. 50kgs of maize (corn) flour for posho meal
8. 320 pieces of biscuits.
On Monday 26th/12/2011 we also received 2 more visitors at AMCC. They surprised us by visiting when no one was expecting to be visited. One of them works at Bidco Oil Refineries who said that he just felt to come and celebrate with the children during Christmas festive season, and he came with one of his friends who is a a businessman at Thika town. He donated 24kgs of maize (corn) flour for posho meal.
We thank God for what he is doing at AMCC. These two visits has encouraged us so much to see that God is touching some individuals here and there in supporting the children at AMCC. Let us continue in prayer, hope and faith.