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GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST WHO IS FAITHFUL FOR EVER AND EVER,from my wife Nancy,our children Israel,Gracious and praise.Israel is very happy that he has finished doing her final and national exam, Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (.K.C.P.E.) We are rejoicing with her also and giving God the Praise. Jesus is Lord.
Greetings also from the AMCC-Kids, staff and board. We are all happy that David Njoroge, Naom Wanjiku, Hanah Njambi & Charity Wangari also finished their final Primary school national exam, Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E.) WE EXPECT THEM TO perform well as the results will be announced towards the end of December. We thanking God who has brought us this far. He is Ebenezer. Amen.
We hope that all are well and protected by the sheltering hands of Jesus CHRIST. The journey has been long and tedious as we waited Patiently for our Pupils in Class 8 to do their final primary exams. We thank God that they have come this far and they have all finished. Thank you for your continued prayers and support towards this end.
We also want to take this opportunity to thank God first and all those who has been supporting AMCC IN PRAYERS,DONATIONS OF STAFF ALLOWANCES.FOOD,HOUSE RENT, chicken PROJECT ,SCHOOL FEES, Rev. John’s treatment ,Rev.John’s bussines training course fees AND ALL..Thank you and may the Lord Bless you and extend your territories in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. AMEN.
Secondary schools will be closing for Christmas festivals by 25.11.2011.We shall rejoice being together all again ie the kids in primary schools, the kids in boarding schools and the kids in Boarding primary schools plus the staff. It will be all fun as we interact for 7 good weeks. We are all anxious for this, as we have never been together at the chicken project all of us like we are going to be. We pray that all will be well with us all.
Our daughter Agnes Njoki of Form 3 at St. Basil Gathanji Secondary School is Getting better each day. Also OUR LITTLE DAUGHTER JACKLINE OF CLASS 7 is getting better each day. We thank God because this far we are witnesses of what he is doing.
Our friends and supporters Bidco Oil Refineries of Thika -Kenya has continued supporting us with donations of 50 bars of laundry soap,3.5 kgs of laundry powder soap call power boy and 40 litres of Cooking fat. We are thanking God that despite the high inflation and the economic recess that our Country is going through Bidco Oil Refineries Thika Kenya has continue to support AMCC. They will be visiting this Saturday 12.11.2011 to deliver the same donations. May God bless Bidco Oil Refineries!!

Finally, we Greet all our US Partners, Grace World Outreach Church, Bloom Church, Arts For Africa, Cucu Barbra, Pastor Andrew, Pastor Dessi, Pastor Michael Gurgor, Sr.Rachael Stamps, Micah Dekorne,Sr.Erin,Bro.Chris,Bread for the Bride, Pastor Ton, Vertu Foundation, Elders and trustees of Grace world outreach Church, Elders of Bloom Church, Erica Oslon, John Travis Chaney, Dorothy Nel (UK),Elizabeth Mwihaki (UK) and all our Friends on Face book.

Let us all continue in Hope, Faith , Prayer and above all Love.