AMCC-‘S Thunderous & Sad Moment.

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AMCC-‘S Thunderous & Sad Moment
Glory to God. It was all joy for the Amcc kids, staff ,board and Rev. John’s family and Parents to see Mark and Karen in Kenya and at AMCC-K again. We are enjoyed working together with them both at Amcc-k. They arrived on Tuesday 12 /07/2011 at Rev. John’s Father’s home at Ndunyu Chege where the chicken project is. And then to the children Centre on wednesday 13/07/2011 to a thunderous welcome. They enjoyed eating Githeri (mixture) 0f maize (Corn) and beans, which is common to us.
Jesus was laid in a manger when he was born. Mark and Karen were sleeping in the chicken house because we could not afford to give them a room alone at Amcc, the same way Jesus could not be accommodated in the guest house at Bethlehem because it was filled. Mark & Karen humbled themselves to the point of sleeping in the chicken house the same way Jesus humbled himself to the death on the cross. Jesus came from heaven and he did not consider his Godly nature to be something to boast about although he had come to redeem mankind. Also Mark & Karen came from America and they are ‘Wazungus’ to visit, work and take a personal report back so that people could know what exactly is happening at AMCC. Mark & Karen did not consider being ‘Wazungu’ as anything to boast about. As God lifted Jesus and Gave him a name that there is none other in heaven and earth, may he also lift Karen and Mark.
Mark & Karen donated many things among them two big balls one for hand ball and the other for Soccer (Foot ball).Hardly did they know that this was an answered prayer because our balls were badly torn.
Mark and Karen enjoyed playing different Games with the children AMCC e. g soccer (football),bliss bay, rope jumping and it was all fun in the whole Kimata shopping Centre where AMCC is located and to help in pulling water manually from Mr. John Mutuangu’s borehole.
Mark & Karen joined us in our worship and they really enjoyed it. They could hum the Kiswahili and Kikuyu praise and worship songs and enjoyed Jumping for God and praying as they kneel down. It was great to worship with them.
Mark & Karen visited Kagio to see Rev. John’s nuclear Family & also spent a night in Rev. John’s small rented house. We all hope that they enjoyed.
Sad moment-‘Kwaheri’
It was a sad moment on Tuesday 19.07.2011 after the evening worship when Mark and Karen told the kids and staff that they had to leave on Wednesday 20/07/2011.All looked at them in disbelieve wondering whether it was real. How ever we all bid them ‘Kwaheri’ (bye bye ) and wished them a blessed time as the taxi rolled in to take them to the chicken house for the night.. Mark and Karen we will miss you greatly. ’Kwaheri’ but with tears. We love you.
Thank you all
We acknowledge that many people were praying for their trip to Kenya & back to the USA. Many have supported them by calls, emails or posting on face book and any other support. To you all we say thank you and may God’s grace and joy be multiplied to you all in the name of Jesus Christ.
We also take this moment to invite you all to come and visit Amcc-k, whereby you will have many things to learn in Africa and practically what we do at Amcc.
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