Jackson’s 3rd week in Kenya.

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The 3rd week we were in Kenya we were invited to the Primary School Headteacher’s House for his son’s graduation from college. We made sure to go because this Headteacher seems to have unending patience with AMCC. This is a blessing because AMCC doesn’t always have the funds to provide for the kids schooling. He also transferred a teacher from the school when he realized that she was against the kids of AMCC!
We had the opportunity to experience a Kenyan delicacy, ROASTED GOAT! As you can see here, they don’t just eat the meat, but also just about everything else! Mmm!! Bon appetit!
Next is the Good, the Bad and the…Pretty?
The GOOD news is that the Thika District Social Development Committee wrote AMCC a 10,000Ksh check!!! This is about $135.00!! This can go a long way in Kenya! John invited the Board of AMCC so that we could all accept the check together!
Also, two more preachers from a church about a half hour away came to visit us on Sunday! It’s so encouraging to see multiple pastors from different churches come to speak Truth into the lives of these kids! 
Now, for the BAD news: This picture is of one of the beams and pillars of the chicken house. If you look closely you can see a major crack on either side of the beam! Evidently there was a mistake in the mixture of the concrete and the ceiling started to sag! This is definitly a setback. The beams have to be replaced with heavier steel and the ceiling has to be re-poured. It is good that John caught the problem before the construction went on any longer. Please pray that the Lord would help the chicken house be built in a sound and sturdy way.
These are the casual laborers that we hired to work on the project. They are very hard workers! Every time we show up at the site, their hands are dirty and they’ve gone farther on the job than expected. John and I prayed with them the other day

This guy’s name is David. He’s one of John’s younger brothers. He’s a teacher in another part of Kenya but has decided to come and help supervise the site.

And now for the PRETTY!
Maggie put together an awesome art project and taught the kids how to paint! She’s drawn a murial and divided it into 70 squares! Each kid got to be a part of the project by painting two paper squares of the murial. When they finished, we put it all back together and they got to see how their square fit in the picure. They had a blast painting, although almost the entire floor of the church was covered in different colors when we finished.
We have one more art project going on right now. This one will be painted on canvas and brought back to the US, where Maggs and I will be puting it all together. Eventually we are wanting to sell it at Art for Africa (a fundraiser for AMCC and others) where all the proceeds will go back to the children and AMCC.

Love you guys! Thanks for following along and please continue to pray for us and the kids!
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