The Return of the Wazungu!.

By Posted in - Uncategorized on July 19th, 2010

Maggs and I are back in Kenya, and this time we came prepared!

We were welcomed with open arms and lots of smiling faces! I have to admit I teared up a little!

Julia is the name of the new cook at AMCC. Thanks to her, John and Nancy can have a bit of a rest from the madness of trying to take care of 40 kids! Julia’s child is the one in the picture. His name is John also, and he is terrified of Maggie and I! The only way we could get him to come close was to dance. John, .. and John, and Maggie are all dancing together.

Saturday we had the opportunity to go check out the chicken project! It’s really coming along! You can see the front of the building here. The whole first floor and ceiling are completed. We’re in a waiting process to ensure the solidification of all the cement on the first floor before we can move on to the second.

This is a picture of the back of the chicken house. John is in the suit, and his brother is the guy on the far right. His name is pronounced Bogwa. He’s been helping out a ton with the project. The gentleman in the middle is John’s dad. He’s like a father to us here and has calimed Maggie and I as his children. Mr. Muhika has agreed to give up this part of his land so the chicken house can be built.


Over Mr. Muhika’s left shoulder (on the right) is a huge pile of sand, some of which is hidden by the black water tank. Over his right shoulder (on the left) is a huge pile of ballast. These were left over by the first building supervisor’s miscalculations. That’s why we call him the “First” supervisor ;). We may not lose completely on his mistakes. If you saw the first picture of the chicken house, you will notice a lot of timber being used. This timber along with the ballast and sand could be used to make yet another floor to this two story building! That’s right, it could end up being a three stroy chicken house! We’re having the professional architect look at it.

SPIDER! We also saw this by the chicken house! John said it is one of the most deadly spiders in Kenya. Evidently it’s venom inhibits blood flow from the vessels in your cranium back to your heart, which ultimately causes your head to fill with blood and explode!…..Okay I made that last part up, but I hear it’s bad if you get bit.

When we left the chicken project and Mr Muhika’s home, we met a guy name Ambrose. This man considers Pastor John as his mentor and greatly respects him. Ambrose had organized a prayer walk for this day. John wanted to be there to encourage him and pray for those walking. When we met them we found out that some of the group couldn’t make it. So Maggs and I, being the experience prayer walkers that we are ( decided to join them. Here we are walking down this road and joining our brothers and sisters in Kenya in prayer! We were excited because God had planned for Maggie and I to go with them on that day.

Sunday worship was refreshing. Those Kenyan kids really know how to do it! And now that they have a drum, they’re off the hook. They also have this program now where several preachers come from different churches to share with the kids on Sunday! It’s great for the kids to be hearing many different pastors. It will help them to discern the Truth by checking what the pastors are saying with the Word of God. It also adds accountability to AMCC!


After church Maggs lined the kids up and taught them some wicked awesome ballet dance steps! Haha, it was a blast. Here you can see Maggs teaching away and me in the back, …clueless…

This picture is of a handful of kids that are FASTING! Ya that’s right fasting. And it’s on their own account!Everybody else was eating when I took this picutre. A few of them came up to John and asked about fasting. He started to teach them what fasting is and why we fast and they asked if they were allowed. He told them they could only fast a meal on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays because they had to eat on school days. So here they are on Saturday night, praying instead of eating!





That’s about all we got for now, besides these cool shoes!